What kind of materials is the best for the shower sliding roller

The shower room sliding rollers outside have beautify “coat”, and inside is the bearing. The bearing is the most important parts for the lifetime of shower rollers.

Now, the common materials for bearing is carbon steel, copper, zinc alloy and stainless steel

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Carbon Steel bathroom wheels Bearing

Carton steel have enough strong and hard-wearing, but it easy have rusty, that will affect the life time of your shower room sliding glass door roller when we use it, especial in the humid environment.

The copper shower room pulley bearing

The copper bearing is very common in today, the center of bearing is copper, inside is stainless steel ball, outside is plastic, when the shower wheels moving, the ball will have friction, so that, the copper and plastic become soft and easy be damaged, it will make your shower glass door roller easy change the shape.

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Zinc alloy bathroom roller bearing

Zinc alloy bearing have strong characteristic, easy welding and easy to shape when it in process. But anti-rusty is not the best, and in high temperature environment ,it is easy change the shape, so that the zinc alloy shower room sliding door roller bearing is not your best choose. 

Stainless steel shower roller bearing

Stainless steel is the best materials for bearing of sliding rollers now, it can past strict testing and not any damage, not easy change their shape. Stainless steel have good effective to prevent wear and tear, and not easy let the oil out from bearing. Stainless steel let your shower roller move more steady and have long lifetime.

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Post time: Apr-12-2022