Sanitary market new blue ocean,suitable for elder sanitary market starting

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Last month, a forum of suitable elder be hold in Guangzhou by Guangzhou Suitable Elder Fair.

The invited honored guest is specialists of elder retirement, some of them are concentrating on the products that for elder persons, some are research and develop the retired person living in their own house.

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Because be influence by epidemic, the economy environment of internal and international is not prosperity,our sanitary industry have to face the stress. After analysis the messages come from the forum,we know that the sanitary industry for elder living is a big cake, it will be a new blue ocean.according to what we got that the most sanitary company has not concern it now,and investment too less.

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According to estimate,we have 3.21 hundred million people have 60 years old till 2025,have 21% of general population,the over 65 years old people have occupy 13.7%. So that, we will have 4 hundred million people over 60 years old till 2035,that occupy 30% of general populations.Till 2040,our country elder person will reach climax,the retired person’s living and health will become more and more seriously and necessity.

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Now the project for elder people had begun that be in charge by government.until this season, there are 36 ten thousands retirement department,there are 812.6 ten thousand beds provide for the aged in all the retirement department. From 2012-2021, the centre finance bureau had invested 359 hundred million to the facility for retirement service,so we know that the sanitary market for elder is fast increasing. 

When we discussed in forum,the specialist expressed their upset that is difficult find the factory to produce the products for retirement market. They suggested that draft the standard of elder sanitary,push more sanitary factories to the elder products.

In the suitable products for elder Fair,there are only two internal sanitary factories taken part in,it is mean that our most sanitary factory have not concept and did realize this market. 

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Which sanitary factory can have the feeling of elder market, and begin concentrate on it, research and develop the shower room sliding door that anti-slip,have more safe sliding door rollers,easy exchange glass door handle,hinge and the other shower room hardware parts,intelligence toilet,suitable high and more function cabinet, etc, we believe they can have a big blue ocean in the future. 

Post time: Oct-31-2022