October Sanitary Market Trends


From Feb. to Oct., the export price of sanitary products had been increased; the quantity of export had been down.

From Feb. to Oct. 2022, the amounts of ceramic, tap, bathtub, shower door, toilet, and bathroom hardware parts export have 168.38 hundreds of millions, had increased 2.68% compare to the same time of last year. In Oct., 2022, China sanitary products export amount down 10.4%, export amount is 17.06 hundreds millions. Healthy ceramic export 906.29 ten thousand pieces, had down10.4%. The tap export 5852.87 ten thousand sets, had down24.14%, compared to the same time of last year. Plastic bathtub export 8870.94 tons, had down over 30%, the shower door export80873.9 tons, had down over 25%, water closet export 7098.4 tons, down 8.06%, and the water box parts export 3203.42 tons, down 12.35%. Above information, come from The Chinese Construction Healthy Ceramic Association.


The market needing down, sanitary products continue two months upset.

In Oct., 2022, the sanitary products had continue to down in the two months, in general, the sanitary ceramic market is steady and have a little down. The intelligence sanitary products increasing,  have strong potential. In Oct, healthy ceramic series index reported 93.57 point, had down 0.73% compare to last months, the index of different classify down and up almost same. The squatting pan and basin had up 3.56% and 3.07%, urinal, water closet had down 5.11% and 1.49%.

Above information source from China Ceramic City.

Post time: Dec-02-2022