Five common shower rooms

1.Straight line shower room

The straight line shower room suitable for the smaller bathroom, or your bathroom have the bathtub, and you can install your shower room stick to the wall, independent some place as shower area, it can save your bathroom space and easy to design.

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2.curve shape shower room

It is very common shower room, you can use the angle of two walls to install your shower room, it can save your bathroom space, and let the bathroom have dry and wet area.

3 .square or L shape shower room

If you willing have bigger shower room and your bathroom have enough space, you can follow your bathroom character, use the two walls or one wall to set up a square shower room, and you can convenience install the bathtub, bathroom cabinet, and not worry the wet area influence you.

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4.five angles shower room

The shape of five angels shower room like diamond, we call it the diamond shape shower room. the both side partition by glass, the space of shower room can bigger, and it look fashion.

5.bathtub shower room

Bathtub shower room is not common, it is combine by bathtub and shower room, let you can enjoy shower bath and bubble bath at same time.

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Chose what kind of the shower room is depend on your interesting and your bathroom space,but chose the high quality shower room sliding roller is very important,smart sliding roller have more safe,and enough strong to prevent the glass loose and drop,excellent stainless steel bearing of sliding rollers can anti-corrosion,running smoothly and have long-life,high quality plastic can let the roller low noise.

We design the shower room sliding door rollers can easy install and simply maintenance,let you have good experience to use the shower.

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Post time: Jun-03-2019